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  • Hi, I'm a new customer and I've had difficulty loading PercX in Kontakt5 in LogicX; I've followed the video but there are no .nki files apart of the downloads, please advise

  • I'm guessing you can't. After creating something on Perc X can you tell me how to open it in Logic x?

  • difficulty loading PercX in Kontakt5 in LogicX

    Jep, you can't. You can start PercX as Standalone or as a plugin in your DAW Host.

    If you created a patch in Standalone, you can save it by clicking on the long black bar on the top, and selecting Browser. Here you can add categories and save your patch as preset.
    To open PercX in Logic, you have to open PercX as a AU plugin. Take a look at the Plugin Manager, and re-scan, if it doesnt show up.

    All best,d

  • @do Thanks, I re-scanned but nothing showed up. I've realised it hadn't gone to the typical folder as the rest of the AU .components. For anyone with the same problem:

    Thanks for the help

  • @thatnorthernguy It's NOT a Kontakt instrument!

    Also... when installed correctly, the AU component AND the VST are installed automatically to the the correct plugin folders:
    PercX AU.jpeg

    PercX VST.jpeg

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