Stand-alone PercX not recognizing Focusrite ASIO driver

  • I just installed PercX on two machines, both Windows 10, both with Focusrite interfaces. The stand-alone application is working well on a Dell XPS laptop. The desktop Dell XPS with a Focusrite 6i6 gen 2 is giving an "Audio Driver Initialization Error" and is pretty much dead in the water after that. I reconnected an old Tascam 16x8 and had the same problem.

    The PercX VST2 inside my DAW is working fine on both machines. Note that Hexeract stand-alone is working fine on both computers.

  • I figured out the problem. The "My Documents" directory on this computer was located on my "D" drive, not the "C" drive. The stand-alone program wasn't looking for the samples in the right directory location. When it couldn't find the sample library, there was no error, just nothing loaded. You can re-direct the program to the proper sample library location using the Settings menu.

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