Tempo controls?

  • Forgive me if I missed it... but I didn't see/cannot find, how to control the tempo of the overall kit.

    Is there a function I'm not seeing where I can set PercX to play the kit(s) at half-time?
    I'm currently working a project at 180 bpm and the kits are playing too fast at that tempo. I have ways to work around this but it would be FAR more convenient if PercX could be set to play at half-speed (1/2x) or double-time (2x) in other situations 3-meter (as in 2/3x [4/4 > 6/8] or 3/2x (6/8 to 4/4])...

    Thanks in advance... (for this forthcoming update!! 😁 ) - Andy

  • I figured it out on my own... I saw the tempo window and decided to try and see if I can set a different (unlocked/unsynced) tempo and it worked!!

    You should feature that subject in the manual or at least make it more obvious!


  • Hello!

    Glad you figured this one out - FYI you can also double/half the speed of the actual patterns inside the EDIT tabs, and also access a variety of other tools. I'd say this is also cleaner as you can keep the tempo "locked" (usually favourable with DAW projects as you can then be totally flexible with tempo inside your DAW and be rest assured that PercX will follow it without any manual intervention...)

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