how to export a final sound clip?

  • i assumed this was a standalone app. was i wrong?
    couldn't find anywhere to save the complete playable clip (wav file?)

    where is this function or what is needed for this?


  • The standalone version of PercX is rather suited for live-performance use cases where you don't want to fire up a DAW (or if you just want to play around).

    As soon as you want to start producing music, loading PercX into a DAW offers the best workflow.

  • @Christoph-Hart, you only half -answered the question. After explaining the predicament, Meta's question was "where is this function or what is needed for this?"

    You answered that to produce music, he should do it within the DAW.

    What happened to the other half of the question: "Where is this function?"

    I am not trying to be a jerk, I promise, but it would be very helpful, if you would carefully read the question before answering and then give a complete answer. Many other people could have the same question and it would save YOU time to answer completely so others don't ask again. Thanks.

  • Hi. So, where is the function, if I may ask? I believe an answer is needed to be in place. I refuse to believe that this is a difficult process (or is it?). Perhaps we just need someone to provide some meaningful guidance.

    Given the merit of half the answer that was already given, to paraphase the question, how can one get the sound produced by PercX inside a DAW? A small walk through perhaps will help (regardless of your choice of DAW). I have Ableton Live 10 and another one, but I can't figure this out; yet perhaps I didn't spend more time... I guess that's when a forum or support can kick in and become valuable.

    @Christoph-Hart, kindly. Thanks in advance.


  • You can export PercX like any other virtual instrument: record MIDI and bounce that track 🙂

    The only difference to "traditional" plugins is that you just need to record one note to get the groove going. A MIDI clip containing the C note that starts either the blue or the purple player and is as long as the sequence will do the trick.

    The next update will include a function to automatically sync the playback to the DAW playback position, but this is rather useful during sketching (because normally you don't want the percussion to play from start to finish).

  • @Christoph-Hart

    How about adding a "Play" button for the standalone instead of having to hold down a key. You mentioned live events as best usage of stand-alone, but how is that supposed to work when you have to hold the key? In fact, not a play button, just a way to lock playback on the virtual keyboard.

  • I still prefer using a DAW.... my chioce is Reaper (free version available)

    Besides a load of other features, recording control and effects it will allow mixing in non PercX stems and tracks ....

    I have found PercX works great with Reaper and is easy to Render from.

    My 2c worth .....

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