saving a patch as a preset. what does this mean?

  • trying to understand this sentence

    If you created a patch in Standalone, you can save it by clicking on the long black bar on the top, and selecting Browser. Here you can add categories and save your patch as preset.

    i saved a catergory by usding "add"

    when i clicked save preset, nothing happens. the program hung when i left it on overnight so i restarted it.

    session is gone, patch gone, clicking on created "category" doesn't load anything. import says no percx file found

  • Dear @Meta,

    Ahh! Damn, that you couldn't save your patch!

    After you created a Category with "add", you have to select that category with a mouseclick, and then click the "add" on the right-hand-side, again to save the patch as Preset.

    The "save Preset" button on the top, is a save Button that directly overwrites/saves the currently selected/loaded Preset.

    This is indeed a bit unintuitive, till you get a grip of it.

    All best!,

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