Requesting Instruments for Subsequent PercX Expansion Releases

  • We've opened this category to allow you to let us know what you'd like to see released in future PercX expansions! Perhaps this is an instrument/ensemble that you feel is missing, something that there isn't enough of, a certain instrument that you'd like recorded in a different environment, perhaps produced in a certain style/left more raw/recorded in a drier/more ambient environment etc...

    Feel free to let us know here, we are listening!

  • VSTで使えるようにしてほしい

  • インストールしてしまえば、DAWでVSTプラグインとして使えるようになるはずです。


    I want to be able to use it in VST.

    Oh, it is an VST already :), after installing you should be able to use it as a VST plugin in your DAW.

    Best d

  • Wardruna styled organic Viking percussions and drums would be really nice to have to play around with within the engine 🙂

  • @dejans and Heilung too!

  • Yes, Viking and Celtic based percussion kits and rhythms would be fantastic with plenty of various bohdrums, cajons and war drums etc. Lots of rhythmic scope with these and would go towards a more "ancient" expansion.

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