Requesting Instruments for Subsequent PercX Expansion Releases

  • We've opened this category to allow you to let us know what you'd like to see released in future PercX expansions! Perhaps this is an instrument/ensemble that you feel is missing, something that there isn't enough of, a certain instrument that you'd like recorded in a different environment, perhaps produced in a certain style/left more raw/recorded in a drier/more ambient environment etc...

    Feel free to let us know here, we are listening!

  • VSTで使えるようにしてほしい

  • インストールしてしまえば、DAWでVSTプラグインとして使えるようになるはずです。


    I want to be able to use it in VST.

    Oh, it is an VST already :), after installing you should be able to use it as a VST plugin in your DAW.

    Best d

  • Wardruna styled organic Viking percussions and drums would be really nice to have to play around with within the engine 🙂

  • @dejans and Heilung too!

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