No download link sent

  • Hello,

    I have just purchased PercX Pro and haven't had a receipt or download link for my purchase. Any help please?

  • same thing
    help ?

  • Dear @martin

    Normally the download link, comes in the form of an activation link inside the receipt from fastspring. If you click it, you can set a password for the Auddict Account, log in, and download the latest PercX version from there. (PercX Pro is "included" in the normal PercX installation. You can download the additional Collections inside the STORE Tab in PercX with the SYNC Button.)

    If you didnt get the receipt, misspelled your email address, or face any other issues with not receiving this activation link, the easiest way to reach us is to create a support ticket on the bottom of the website, and we'll help you asap.

    Hope this helps and works out 🙂


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