Working With Loop Variations

  • Hi- I love the ability to lock either the sound or the pattern (or both), and I want to take a part, lock the sound and generate new patterns, but I'd like to store those so I can keyswitch between them (assuming that's the best way to go) so I can develop the part over time so it doesn't sound so looped.

    Other than dragging the part to another one of the 8 slots, is there any other way to store and access alternate patterns? Just wondering if I'm missing some functionality that I'm not aware of! Thanks!

  • Yes, a might one.

    With the VARIATIONs, in the Edit Tab, you can copy the current pattern to another "variation slot" and edit it as you like.

    With a right-click on the Variation slots you can automatically create a keyswitch (automatically assigned to C1) with which you can switch between the different slots. If you edit this Control in the CTRL Tab, you can even switch between all four variations (assign it to a mod-wheel).

    Enjoy 🙂


  • EXCELLENT! Exactly the type of thing I was hoping for- thanks so much!

  • @do So... to take this a step further... it doesn't seem that within the Edit window there's a way to randomly generate a new pattern (the way you can in the Mix window). To do that I'd have to be in the Mix window and working in an additional slot, correct?

  • @do Also... curious why "Category" & "Attributes" are locked on this when I'm attempting to generate new patterns... they only thing I locked was the sound, not the pattern.

    Thanks again.

    Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 5.30.08 PM.png

  • @rwear

    The Track Filter will filter down the pool of available Sounds/Instruments, so if you hit Generate again, it will pick one sound of this filtered pool. If you lock a sound into a track this obviously will not work, therefore this option is locked by default if a sound is locked into a track.

    If you have a locked sound, open the Pairing Popup. (Click on the round button) to access options to randomize the pattern. If you click the little Generate in this popup you can exchange the current pattern with a random pattern of another sound/instrument.


    If you activate Lock Source it will lock the current pattern in place and let you modify it with the Post Ops operations to vary the rhythm.

    Hope this helps 🙂 If you want to learn more about the Generator, please have a look at the documentation.. there a plenty of things to discover

    All best,

  • @do Right... thank you and I follow you with all this... so, I probably could've asked all of this in a more precise way, my apologies.

    What I'm looking (hoping) to do is randomly generate variations on any given sound, so it would help immensely time-wise and with workflow rather than entering and editing midi data in one of the variations tabs in the edit window. It seems for now the only way to achieve this is to copy the track in the mix window to a new slot and hit generate there... perhaps adding the generate button in the edit window under slots could be a suggestion for a future update?!? This way I could randomly generate new patterns and have them all under variations on a single track rather than creating new tracks for each randomly generated pattern.

    My other thought was to copy the pattern to a new slot (track) in the mix window, generate something new there, then go to edit and copy the midi, then to the original track > edit > variation 2 (for example) and paste the midi, ultimately giving me two randomly generated patterns (variation 1 & 2) on the same track. I can't however see a way to copy and paste midi notes.

    Hopefully I'm explaining this clearly... thanks again for your responsiveness!

  • @rwear

    hmm, thats right. we didnt include a button to randomise the same pattern to generate different variations.
    Hmm, I guess a way that you could choose to quickly load up different variations, is to generate a bunch of them with the Generator, then go to the EDIT Tab and save them to midi with Save the current pattern to a Midi file. You could make a folder of midi files with variations, and then load them (Load a pattern from a Midi file) into the different variation slots.

    All best,d

  • @do Gotcha, great work around... (but perhaps a consideration for a future update) and once I have them in variation slots, I love the idea of modulating those keyswitches to take the randomness to the next level! Thanks again!

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