Sync to Host ?

  • Hi, I have just joined the group and I want to know if PercX will sync to the host DAW. Most VST instruments will do this. So can I do this in PercX. Thanks

  • Hi Chris,

    PercX will of course sync to the DAW (unless you specifically deactivate it in order to create polyrhythms or experimental sound design things).

  • @Christoph-Hart Hello Christopher- how do you get it to sync? I think the original poster might be meaning that playback can be triggered alongside host DAW playback, just like most other VSTs (eg Superior Drummer, etc). Do we have to commit to recording C2 triggered playback to MIDI track in our DAW and only then have it play back automatically, or can we have the MIDI we create on the Edit pages Play back with our host when we start/stop playback in host? Or at the very least can we drag/drop MIDI from Edit page(s) to our DAW? Hope this makes sense- I am seeing this question all over the place on social media about your otherwise wonderful product. This isn’t currently intuitive IMHO.

  • @chrisgarfield sync to host is constantly greyed out. i'm trying to sync with a cue in protools . giving up for now. ill check back tomorrow. thanks

  • Just to make sure.. PercX and its loops, edit tab and notes live completely "inside" PercX. Think of it as a little Drum DAW inside your DAW.
    Therefore it needs some "Input" (MIDI) to get a cue where it is in its hosts project.

    That means that you have to record a midi note (C2) to play it back in sync with your project. In DAWs PercX automatically syncs to the DAW projects time, but you can "detach" the playback tempo it if you want to have a different tempo than in your project. (right-click on the digital tempo clock and click "Sync to host")

    That all applies to the default "Loop Mode" of PercX. If you activate "Manual Mode" you can record single drum hits via MIDI directly in your project.

    The problem with "drag Edit window MIDI to DAW", is that the PercX Engine has a bunch of unique features, like preroll and round-robin-awareness that can't be simply converted from "internal" Loop- to "external" Manual-Mode without sounding quite different. (This might be no problem for some users, and we therefore can probably think about implementing this in the future, but still not convinced)

    I hope this helps a bit to clear things up 🙂

    All the best,

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