Is there a way to start playback other than holding down C2?

  • I would like to be able to have PercX playing while I perform with other virtual instruments via my DAW (Studio One). For the life of me, I have not been able to figure out a way to start and continue playback other than to hold C2 or pre-record the PercX track. This is not optimal at all since at that point the song is still being composed. Am I missing something obvious or is this just a shortcoming of the application? Thanks for any information you may have to share!

  • Not sure if I understood the problem but if you record that C2 into a MIDI clip and play it back, you can use PercX like any other virtual instrument during the composition process (the only caveat is that you have to start the playback at the MIDI clip start in order to stay sync because PercX can't know the DAW position).

    Let me know if that helped.

  • @Christoph-Hart I think this is a big gap for PercX. Programs like Superior Drummer and tons of other VSTs allow in the box MIDI arranging that will sync to host DAW playback without having to manually pre-record to DAW MIDI by holding C2 down. At the very least, can the MIDI from the Edit tab be dragged or otherwise imported into the host DAW? As the OP said, it is really clunky for workflow to have to pre-record MIDI to the host during composition. Any other info or advice on how this can work more elegantly? Love the program; this is just a big deal for me (and I would imagine many users).


  • @Christoph-Hart Yea, I found that "hack" after I had posted this question. While it does work, it is still very clunky and should not be required to be able to use any plug-in. PercX is great but it would be great if this functionality was added for both the plug-in and the stand-alone version so that users can free up their keyboard and hands.

  • I see the problem, but even if it was possible, adding DAW synchronisation by default now would break existing projects, so it had to be a opt-in function.

    I'll dig a bit around to see how the syncing is done, I can imagine it will be a bit tricky to get the timing 100% precise...

  • @Christoph-Hart Thanks Christoph.

  • i can't get Perc X to even show up as an AU or AXX in protools. can anyone tell what i'm missing here? thanks. ajax

  • Hi Ajax,

    Protools does not host AU plugins, so the AAX version is your best shot for getting PercX into ProTools.

    One thing that might have happened is that when you change the disk location during the .pkg installer to another drive, it copies the plugin files into a folder with the same name as the actual AAX plugin directory, but on the other drive, which is rather useless (unfortunately the option to choose another location in the installer can't be removed so easily because it's a OS default installer).

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