Help ticket and "Achilles" Kit

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    Hi to PercX
    I seem to have forgotten where to find the help ticket. May I get some guidance? I am still interested in Kit "Achilles". I am a PRO buyer and all other kits are downloaded/validated. Achilles seems to be downloaded and validated but it is the only kit that does not appear in the plugin. I am wondering if I need to delete something first. Hopefully the attached JPEGS will help troubleshoot.

    Thanks for a great product,

  • Yes, for some reason, the Achilles KIT doesn't show up for a few people - I remember we reuploaded it during development, but the server sometimes serves the old link (or whatever).

    Can you show me what's in the Expansion/achilles folder (the samples folder is supposed to be empty, it's reserved for expansions that contain their samples, which is not the way PercX is organised).

  • @Christoph-Hart The Samples folder is empty![alt text]expansion_Achilles.jpg

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