Downloads of kits crawl to a halt

  • Hi folks,
    First up, I am very excited with what I've seen so far of PercX.  Great work.
    However, I have an issue with downloading the various kits. I access the Store, then hit Sync, then wait for the download list to display.  Once that is done, the kits start to download. The first track normally downloads quickly (7MB/s)  but the second track drops to around 32kb and then just hangs at 0kbs.  Downloading just keeps on 'pausing' as a result (though it is not shown as being on pause).
    My internet connection is consistently above 90Mbs so this looks to be a server-side issue.
    The only way for me to get the downloads is to close the application and then restart it.  The next track (the one that had stopped downloading) then downloads at speed, but the next one after crawls to a halt as described above.
    Can anyone make a suggestion on what could be going on here?
    Best regards,

  • Just a heads up. I discovered that if I pause a download that has stopped, wait 5-12 seconds, and restart, I sometimes (about 80% of the time) get the download to continue at full speed.
    Perhaps this is something to do with the application getting confused while extracting the previous kit when starting the next download?

  • Yup. This seems to be the issue. A download will almost always stall if an extraction is underway. So the workaround is to manually install each (all 90!) kits one at a time, by pausing and then restarting after extraction is done.

    If there is a way around this, please let me know. It's taking FOREVER to get this application and running.

    But holly-molly! I like what I see so far.

  • Coming back to this problem today. No response or change.

    After 12 hours, still unable to download the kits without rebooting the application for almost every kit.

    According to a response on the Facebook ad for this product, "this should not be happening" and that I should post a request for support.

    Ok. It is and I have.

    So have others on this forum.

    Can someone from the company can reach out to me so I can show them what the bug is - happy to do a screen share or similar.

    It is one thing to deny to a customer there is a problem. It is another thing to actually listen and find out what's happening.

  • Hi Joe,

    that sounds really annoying, sorry about that 🙂

    You're the first customer to report this issue though, so if you can give me more information, we might be able to figure out why this is happening. Normally the extraction process happens completely independent and simultaneously from the download process, so there has to be some weird thread synchronisation issue on your setup. Can you tell me

    • whether you use the standalone app or the plugin version for the download
    • which OS you have
    • if you chose another sample location than the default

  • @Christoph-Hart said in Downloads of kits crawl to a halt:

    whether you use the standalone app or the plugin version for the download

    standalone app

    which OS you have

    Windows 10 on a Surface Studio, 63GB RAM

    if you chose another sample location than the default

    Originally I chose to install on a network drive, but have since moved to the default. Problem persists.

  • When back to using network drive and this morning the install worked. I'm stumped. But at least I now have PercX fully installed.

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