Percx not loading samples in Logic after iMac reinstall.

  • Hi, I had to make a Time Machine re-install on my iMac El Capitan and it's messed up all my instances of PercX in Logic 10.3.3 - all sample slots are now blank. Also only the Core Kit is showing in the 'Collections' box, even though I downloaded all expansion kits and previously used them. All kit samples are present in the same file directory as before.

    All my other plugins are working fine after re-install, only PercX is a problem. I have tried re-installing PercX and no difference. Please can you advise 1. how to get all kits/samples showing again in the plugin, and 2. if there's any way to get PercX to 'remember' the samples that were used in all my projects so I don't need to redo everything please??!!


  • Hi there,

    try to repair the kit metadata files: go into the store tab, click on the Account icon and press "Repair kits", then follow the procedure. If you did a time machine re-install it might be possible that these files haven't been transferred correctly (or they contain the system ID of your old machine).

    Let me know if that worked.

  • That did work! Thanks for your help!

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