Kits re-dowload in GarageBand?

  • Hello, I've dowloaded all the kits in the stand-alone PercX, but in Garage Band the plugin looked empty and requested a Sync, is this usual? I opened Ableton Logic and the plugin showed with all the libraries, while the download was continuing in GB. Is there a double location I should check?

  • This might come from the fact that Garageband is sandboxed, so it can't access the app data directory of PercX and thinks it runs on a vanilla system.

    The simplest workaround would be to let it use it's duplicated app data directory, but then point to the same sample folder (so you don't have to duplicate the sample content on your hard drive).

    So instead of pressing SYNC (which would download all files again), try this procedure:

    1. Activate and download the PercX content in another environment (either standalone or as plugin in Ableton / Logic. Wait until the download has finished.
    2. Open PercX in Garageband (if you have to reenter your credentials there, don't worry, it won't affect the functionality).
    3. Go to the settings window and make sure the sample location points to the same folder as before (AFAIK the only accessible file location for a sandboxed music app is ~/Music/... which is why the default location ~/Music/Auddict/PercX/Samples should work.
    4. Go to the store tab, but instead of pressing SYNC, click on the account icon and choose "Repair kits". What this does is that it downloads the metadata for the kits again and places it into the app data directory without redownloading the sample content. Follow the procedure there and restart Garageband, then you should be able to use PercX there.

    Let me know if that helped.

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