Big Tom Toms?

  • I just bought the pro version to give myself all the flexibility I need. But in reviewing the kits nearly everything I listened to sounds like the drums in Matrix Revolutions. Everything seems to be driven by big tom toms of different sorts, played in a huge acoustic space. Where are the Latin rhythms, rock and roll, etc.? All it seems to have are these big drums.

    What am I missing?

  • I totally agree....

    Tho I think PercX is awesome... especially for Cinematic, Game, Theatrical and Dramatic scores..... standard percussion/drumming sounds and beats are very scarce.

    Sometimes we just need a good 5 piece rock/blues/jazz/reggae/marching kit and the rhythms to go with it.... tho these can be constructed manually... normal sounding drums seem to be very hard to find and only a few are really usable.... we need a tom to sound like it is in a nightclub or a small studio rather than the Albert Hall....

    However @whoknowsmedia a few of the best standard kits/sounds I found to make a new kit are :

    Producer Essentials > Rock Kit 1
    Producer Essentials > Cracky Toms
    Producer Essentials > Titan Kit
    Core Kits > Fat Hats

    Hope it may helps


  • Thanks I thought it was just me. How can PercX claim to be this ultimate percussion environment when they are essentially covering only one genre?

    Because of this PercX is pretty much useless for me. I asked for a refund but have gotten no response.

  • While I agree that the current content is focused on cinematic percussion, there are ways to create other styles with the existing content (plus we're currently working on new content that goes in that exact direction).

    A good trick is to use the KIT Generator and set the attributes to DRY so that it filters out the Matrix Revolutions Toms when creating the KIT, then go from there (also you might get away with adjusting the envelope to cut the tails for making roomy percussions more dry, but that is of course not the most ideal solution if you're after a "realistic" dry sound).

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that most KITS that you load are played in the "loudest" dynamic by default, so you can get them a little less doomsday if you turn down the DYNAMICS knob for all tracks a bit.

  • So I tried the Kit Generator and it produced some interesting things. All I have to do is disable the inevitable Big Tom sound.

    My musical goal is to create my own form of dance music. Based on what I've seen with Kit Generation, PercX could be very helpful in that regard.

    But I'm having another problem.

    I want it to play in continuous loop mode so I can play along with it.

    Is that even possible?

    Just FYI - I've been involved in digital media in one form or another since the mid-90's. I had my own ProTools studio and I worked with Academy award-winning sound designers as the audio producer of groundbreaking computer games. I helped design the digital audio mixer to mix ambience, music, and dialogue in real time.

    I was also a soundtrack producer and worked with Vision, if anyone remembers that.

    That was awhile ago and I gave up music for a long time. Now I'm trying to get back into it.

    Please let me know how I can trigger continuous looping playback.


  • The easiest thing to get PercX playing is just to create a MIDI clip with a single note that starts at the beginning of the first bar, then it will be synced to the rest of your DAW project.

    It has been requested a few times to "slave" PercX to a DAW without this step, so this might be added in the next update - the problem is that you then can't really build up an arrangement so this function will rather be a composition tool during the creation process than something you'll actually use in your final song.

  • Yeah. I don't have a DAW that will support external plug-ins, and I'm not interested in paying that kind of $ right now. That's for later. Right now I want to work with a rhythm generator and sounds that I can essentially play along with as I move towards creating compositions around it. I produced soundtracks and songs in the past so now I'm trying to ease my way back into it.

    To me it essentially means the standalone version doesn't work, and for kind of an absurd reason - lack of local looping playback. We know it can loop by simply holding down the desired keys. All you need is just to be able to lock the key. Remember I'm using this as a standalone, and I don't have an external controller. I'm using the controls provided in the standalone app, which means I'm pressing the key down with my mouse so I can't do anything else with it.

    The other thing that I found extremely confusing is the nomenclature. There seems to be a phenomenon recently of developers attempting to be disruptive by seeking to redefine the space in their terms. A kit is a group of drums, also called a set. It can contain anything really but mostly kits fall along certain lines. What PercX is defining as a kit is actually a very specific arrangement of very specific patterns for that set (kit) of instruments.

    It's a very interesting concept, and the algorithms PercX has for the many adjustments you can make including changing instruments changing patterns, etc. is really impressive. If I were a soundtrack producer I'd be madly in love with PercX because anytime I wanted I could dial up an impressive cinematic soundscape. Of course, I'd also have a DAW that would support it.

    I've particularly enjoyed the kit generator, which has produced some interesting things but in a style of music somewhat different from what I've been imagining. And while I wouldn't mind working with some of these interesting rhythms, it's clear that it's going to take time and money to get to that point, and since I've already spent my spare time over the last several days trying to figure this out I might just have to cut my losses and just move one.

    Back in the early "Pagemaker " days of the Mac, we used to joke that the proclamations of software updates at the time, (especially Pagemaker), "Bigger, More Powerful" should have come with an asterik "*Requires Bigger, More Powerful Computer" (which was actually true).

    I bought PercX from a Facebook ad, probably because I had searched on "Rhythm Generators" before, but PercX should only be marketed to and for professional audio folks, where PercX fits right into their architecture. (Probably mostly soundtrack producers). It doesn't work as a standalone app, at least not for me.

    I'm not trying to dis either PercX or its fans. Just telling my story here.


  • I've also been using PercX as a standalone.

    It's sort've embarrassing to ask, but what I'd really like to see is a simple tutorial on how to set up something Very Simple, like Queen's "We Will Rock You", using PercX. Maybe the tut could start there, and then blast off into out space, I'm cool with that. But (sorry) I'm finding it difficult to get much out of the existing tutorials.

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