Purchased PercX pro; no download details

  • Hi
    Hoping someone from Auddict can help. I purchased Perc X a few days ago. I haven’t had any emails from the company - no order number, no download links. I have checked spam etc.

    I do have the paypal transaction details, so I can see the money has been taken.

    I have mailed orders@auddict.com, but heard nothing back.


  • Dear Graeme,

    Normally an email with the receipt from fastspring should have been sent to your inbox. In this email you can find an activation link with which you can set a password for the Auddict Account to log in and download PercX. Didn't this email arrive in your inbox?

    If you can't find it, i guess the best way is to create a support ticket on the bottom of the auddict.com/percx website.


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