How to save ram when I want to use individual percussion

  • Hi there,
    I purchased the Percx yesterday, and I really love to divide all the instruments into midi channel. You have really recorded tons of instruments, and I want to add them separately. But in this way, there will be a lot more ram taking because each instance has a lot of function. Are there anything I can do to just cut these functions and save ram so I can add a lot of percussion patches?

  • hi @Prophet

    Just to make sure. You can route the single tracks to different outputs into your DAW in the MIX page.
    How to get a hold of this this channels depends on your DAW and you probably have to look that up in your DAWs manual. But this obviously is an one-MIDI-in, many-out approach. If you want a seperate-MIDI in approach there isn't a way around creating many instances, as far as i know.

  • Hi
    After hearing the sound of this sample, I have to say I really love it. Why have you abandoned Kontakt and choose to develop your own sampler? If you use Kontakt, I believe it will take less ram to add a lot of percussion. I hope some day you can develop some related function on your sampler that enable us to purge unwanted function , and in this way we can add a lot of tracks in my project.

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