pro tools midi glitch

  • This has happened a few times now. Running Perc X as a plugin inside pro tools. After recording midi and attempting playback, PercX will sometimes go into a type of "loop" mode. By this I mean even when pro tools is stopped, Perc X instead of also stopping, continues to move across the GUI. When I hit play in pro tools and a midi note is triggered, the audio generated from Perc X does not restart at the beginning of the kit/loop but rather where ever the cursor happens to be inside the Perc X GUI. Restarting pro tools restores the plugin response to standard... stopping and starting with pro tools.

  • Hi,

    yes I've heard that from another customer a while back. It seems that sometimes Protools does not send the proper note-off to stop the playback. Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce it here, but there's a workaround that is quicker than restarting Protools. If you click on the progress bar in PercX above the tempo display, it will stop the playback (just like a Panic button).

    Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-22 um 13.44.22.png

    I know that' not a proper solution to the problem, but it might work if this issue doesn't occur too often.

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