Multiout in Logic Pro X 10.5 is not working for me

  • Hi,

    I've tried to load the 16 stereo out version, as well as the 25 stereo out, but Logic Pro fails to load the plugin. Not further info but a simple error message from Logic: "The Audio Unit 'PercX' module could not be loaded. Contact the manufacturer for an updated version or assistance."

    The stereo version works as expected.

    Furthermore, I've loaded the module into Studio One 4, which supports both VST and AU, and the multiout feature works perfectly in its VST and AU formats.

    I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

    PercX 1.1.0
    Logic Pro X 10.5
    Mac Os Mojave 10.14.6

  • Same here - same stats as you
    just purchased this morning - not happy....

  • on testing further VSL Ensemble Pro is only giving a stereo out option for Perc X regardless of VST or AU?.....Auddict - please do reply to this thread.....

  • Not sure how you ended up with a 25 channel version, but there are two versions that should show up in the plugin popup menu:

    • PercX Stereo
    • PercX Multi-Output (7x Stereo)

    The latter one works here in Logic (if you didn't work with multichannel plugins in Logic before, you need to open the mixer and press the plus button next to the channel fader to add the additional outputs).

  • failed.png 25 stereo.png

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